Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Civilization V: Brave New World

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Civilization V: Gods & Kings

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Mod of the Week: Vesperian Confederacy

"Oh Space Canada! Our Home and Native Land!"

How to get your free Beyond Earth soundtrack

Detailed instructions on how to access your free soundtrack for Civilization: Beyond Earth

The 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' of Planets

Terrestrial (rocky) planets are indeed common. This is incredibly good news to those of us who dare to dream that humanity may one day become a space-faring race.

Mod of the Week: InfoAddict

Satisfy your desire for information with this Beyond Earth mod.

Get the official Beyond Earth strategy guide from BradyGames

The official digital strategy guide for Civilization: Beyond Earth is available now

Mod of the Week: The Iron Pact

The Iron Pact represents Germany's expedition beyond earth, and introduces Officers as a Colonist option and Luxury Goods as a cargo option.