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Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion Rising Tide announced

Surfaces Fall 2015

The Design of Rising Tide’s Primordial Biome and Aquatic Gameplay

Rising Tide's Art Director, Todd Bilger, talks about what went into creating the new Primordial, then Co-Lead Designer David McDonough describes the new aquatic gameplay and why he's excited for moving cities!

Watch Will and Dave's GDC 2015 Talk

In March of 2015, Civilization: Beyond Earth lead designers Will Miller and David McDonough were invited to attend the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco and present a design retrospective on the game’s development.

Beyond Earth Mod of the Week: Infernal Miasma

The planet fights back!

A letter from Arshia Kishk, leader of Al Falah

A pre-landing Al Falah letter from leader Arshia Kishk to her daughter, Firyal.

The Greatest Game of Civilization V No One Played

The story of an AI-only world domination game pitting 42 civilizations against each other.